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Nov 3, 2012 8:30am PDT
. good to have you with us today. ukrainians who are putting their hopes outside parliament. why britons are divided. and god's mission -- a trip along the dutch bible belt. the ukraine has been in a state of political paralysis for several years now. there are power struggles going on on many levels. ukrainians have been waiting to go to the polls for four years, but only now are parliamentary elections taking place. the eu is watching with some suspicion, especially after the controversial jailing of the former prime minister. her political archenemy still leads the country as president. and an increasing number of ukrainians are asking themselves who they can trust that all. one thing is clear -- it is not the political elite. >> it is quite an animated evening. an amateur ensembles stages a comedy about marriage, but it is less about love that about the dowry, money, and influence. just like in ukrainian politics says this journalist who invited the actors to come to kiev's old market. the building has long since become a symbol. influential businessme want to privatize it, but these
Nov 20, 2012 9:30am PST
. good to have you with us. here is what we have today. czech republic. why the church is waiting for compensation. france, how a famous culinary delight has caused a big controversy. and poland, why you should never drink and drive very or even cycle. >> when the iron curtain fell, the countries of eastern europe had to redefine the relationship between church and state. under communist rule, there was little tolerance for organized religion in church property and land was expropriated wholesale. today, the czech republic was one of the last former soviet satellites where the church has still not received compensation. >> the father believes in god's grace period during his daily prayers, he also praised for the church in the czech republic. as a good christian, he knows one should never abandon hope for a miracle, but as a priest in the czech republic, he has. >> i believe in miracles. our father in heaven can do anything. when i look at the situation in the czech republic and the government, i don't see much of a chance. there is no miracle in sight. >> and merkel is needed soo
Nov 4, 2012 1:00pm PST
a operation is planned. the captain, a south african who used to steer tankers and freighters but now salvages them, will put the bold plan to remove 80,000 tons of scrap into action. the two go to see the wreck every day and discuss the situation. the blocks and tackle have already been attached. the 95-kilo hunk of rock in the hall has been queued into pieces and removed. the whole, however, will stay. the ship however will never again be properly seaworthy. still, it will make one more voyage. >> with this project, we most of all want to protect the environment. that is why we need to keep the ship in one piece. the plan is to write it and tow it away. >> it would have been much cheaper to saw the ship into pieces and remove them one by one, but i would have been an ugly side and would have led to disputes with local authorities and environmentalists. instead, cables will be fastened into the rock, a tall steel blue is installed, and a platform installed into the bedrock. the ship will be rolled onto a to before it is totally. it is a technical stroke of genius to compensate for the scandal
Nov 11, 2012 1:00pm PST
move on and a live in peace. that is not even good enough for them. they also want us to hide away our culture and tradition. >> protestant neighborhoods still feature murals glorifying armed struggle and there are also radicals on the catholic side to reject the peace process. the director of education at queen's university has worked to bring together dissidents from both sides. the radicals have become a major problem, he says. >> one dissident group may have had guns. another might have had bullets and other guns. it seems recently these groups have started to merge together, so they started to realize that the expertise or weaponry they have would be much better served if they were to join, and i think that is a development which is quite dangerous in a way. >> belfast has an infamous series of wars -- walls officially called peace lines, separating the communities to minimize violence. there are gates permitting passage to neighboring areas, but at night, they are shut. the 21-old protestant is on her way to see her best friend, a catholic. >> i come in the car, but i would have
Nov 27, 2012 9:30am PST
. they did not ask any questions. they just tore it all down. >> he shows us the photos on his cell phone. the ruins of his existence. again. but he says they are determined not to give up. the protests will continue. >> well, from of a need to france now. ask anyone the question -- what are the french most famous for? it is likely that the answer -- well, one of the answers anyway -- would be producing wine, but a growing number of those world famous vineyards are being bought up by the chinese as a new middle class in china is starting to develop a taste for french wine. investors are seeing new opportunities in the big wine regions, and not unexpectedly, it is a development which is not popular with some of the french. >> it seems everything she turns her hand to is a success. she is one of china's biggest celebrities -- singer, model, actress -- and now honor of a prestigious french vineyard. it was in french hands for four centuries before the chinese came. in china, red wine has become the latest new thing, and increasing numbers of chinese are heading to france to invest in their v
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)